Dr. Roxanne Beinart

Assistant Professor

Graduate School of Oceanography



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Michelle Hauer

PhD student

Graduate School of Oceanography


Interests: hydrothermal vent ecology, symbiosis, chemosynthetic ecosystems, microbial ecology and physiology, deep-sea ecology


Dr. Corinna Breusing

Postdoctoral researcher

Graduate School of Oceanography

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Erin Frates

Undergraduate researcher

Cell and Molecular Biology major (concentration in biochemistry, minor in chemistry)

Interests: astrobiology- extremophiles, how life exists, adapts, and evolves in extreme environments.


Ian Fletcher

Undergraduate researcher

Marine Biology major

Interests: deep-sea vents, cephalopods and some whales (sperm whales mainly), also trying to get into scuba diving to explore more of the oceans.